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PhD Science® Texas is a hands-on K–5 science program that sparks wonder as students build enduring knowledge of how the scientific world works.

PhD Science Texas by Great Minds®

A Phenomenal New Science Program

Introducing PhD Science® Texas–the new 100% TEKS- and ELPS-aligned science curriculumPhD Science Texas is recommended by TEA and was approved in November 2023 by the Texas State Board of Education.

PhD Science Texas brings a new coherent, evidence-based learning approach where students act as real scientists and engage with authentic, real-world phenomena through hands-on investigations. 

PhD Science Texas inspires students to wonder about the scientific world and empowers them to make sense of it.


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Everything Needed to Teach and Do Science

PhD Science Texas includes print, digital, and hands-on materials kits designed to spark student curiosity and provide teachers with high-quality instructional materials to lead every science lesson with confidence.

For Teachers

PhD Science Texas provides teachers with the following materials and resources necessary to support high-quality science instruction:

  • Teacher Edition for three module topics covered in a school year includes all lessons and teacher support items.

  • The Great Minds Digital Platform teacher access provides lesson facilitation slides along with all the same content found in the Teach book.

  • Formative and summative assessments embedded in every module with additional Assessment Packs available. 

  • Implementation support including in-depth professional development and personalized coaching, Implementation Guides explaining the curriculum's philosophy and learning design, Pacing Guides that overview each module with options for differentiation, and more. 
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For Students

PhD Science Texas includes the following materials and resources to support students in building knowledge of the scientific world:

  • Science Logbooks, print and digital, where students will synthesize information and reflect on what they're learning.

  • Student Science Packs for additional lesson resources.

  • Knowledge Deck™ Cards to help students in Levels K–3 build knowledge on the module topic with engaging images and informational text. 

  • Complex Trade Books carefully selected to support each module's anchor phenomenon and provide students with additional literacy practice.

  • Materials Kits that include most materials students will need to conduct the hands-on investigations in each module.

  • Family Tip Sheets provide caregivers with guidance on how best to support their young scientists at home.

Great Minds Digital Platform

There's more to PhD Science Texas than can fit on the pages of a book. With PhD Science Texas on the Great Minds Digital Platform, students can continue building science knowledge anywhere, anytime. 

  • Digital Assignments and Assessments provide teachers with the means of tracking,  managing, monitoring, and reviewing progress at the student- or class-level with in-depth reports and analytics.

  • Projectable lesson slides for each day's lesson.
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Professional Learning From Trusted Colleagues

Supporting Teachers Before, During, and After Implementation

The PhD Science Texas teacher-writers have created a series of professional development and personalized coaching sessions available for the 2024–2025 school year to support initial implementations of the curriculum and sustain successful implementations in the future.

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Free PhD Science Texas Webinars

Experience the Coherent Journey of PhD Science Texas

Access our free PhD Science Texas webinar series covering a wide range of topics, from how to support students in making sense of phenomena to components of well-balanced engineering activities during instruction. 

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