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PhD Science TEKS Edition

In 2020, the Texas Education Agency partnered with Great Minds® to develop high-quality materials for Grades K—5 as an open educational resource. PhD Science® TEKS Edition and PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition are fully aligned to TEKS standards and are free to Texas educators as a part of this initiative.

Since then our phenomenon-based program has helped schools across the state attain remarkable gains in student achievement and engagement. Read below to learn more about our print, digital, and support resources created specifically for Texas.



Free Resources to Support Your Usage of PhD Science TEKS Edition

Access our one–stop shop for all things PhD Science TEKS Edition. This page is loaded with resources and information that will help teachers unlock the greatness in every child.

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Everything Needed to Teach and Do Science

PhD Science TEKS Edition includes print, digital, and hands-on materials kits designed to spark student curiosity and provide teachers with high-quality instructional materials to lead every science lesson with confidence.




A Teacher Edition for three module topics covered in a school year includes all lessons and teacher support items.

Facilitation slides are available through PhD Science TEKS Edition Projected for each day’s lesson.

Formative and summative assessments are embedded in every module.

PhD Science TEKS Edition in Sync® offers video lessons and assignments for continuous learning so students can build knowledge if they—or the teacher—have to take time away from class.


The Science Logbook is where students will synthesize the information and reflect on what they’re learning.

Hands-on materials kits include most of the materials needed to conduct the investigations in each module.

Knowledge Deck™ cards help Levels K–2 students build knowledge on the module topic with engaging images and informational text.

Family Tip Sheets provide caregivers with guidance on how to best support their scientists at home.



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