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Check out the resources below to maximize your usage of PhD Science® TEKS Edition.

PhD Science TEKS Edition Blog

Access a variety of professional learning blog posts and short videos to support you during your implementation of PhD Science TEKS Edition. Check back as we regularly update and add new content.


PhD Science TEKS Edition Support Resources

Implementation Guide

Learn how to implement PhD Science TEKS Edition with fidelity.

Module Structure

Discover how students build knowledge within PhD Science TEKS Edition.

Readiness & Supporting Standards Correlation

Identify where TEKS are addressed within PhD Science TEKS Edition modules.

PhD Science TEKS Edition Collateral Library

Module Map

A visual layout of the scope & sequence of PhD Science TEKS Edition that presents science topics, anchor phenomena, standards correlations, core texts, and more.


Check out the authenticity of the PhD Science TEKS Edition program, the effect it has on the classroom, and how the product aligns with the need for children to have an authentic way to investigate and make sense of the world around them. 

Core Text Library

View the core trade texts used in each grade level.

The Family Tip Sheets outline the structure and content of each PhD Science TEKS Edition module and help families support their student at home. Available in English and Spanish. 

Materials Lists include all the materials needed for a lesson as well as guidance on the lessons that require advance preparation.

Pacing Guides present lesson objectives and activities by concept and multiple pacing options to allow teachers to maximize instructional time while remaining responsive to the needs of their students. 

Preparation Guides summarize all the materials, resources, and preparation steps for each lesson.

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