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Professional Development

From the creators of Eureka Math TEKS Edition

Professional Development Sessions

Created by the team of teacher–writers behind Eureka Math TEKS Edition, our in-person and virtual professional development (PD) sessions include options for teachers and leaders. These sessions ensure strong initial implementation as well as sustained success.


Come together with educators from your school or district for an in-person or virtual PD session. Great Minds facilitators will work with up to 50 participants for in-person sessions and up to 35 participants for virtual sessions.


Join educators from around the country for an open enrollment virtual PD session. Designed for 20–35 participants, sessions are led by two Great Minds facilitators.

Have you already completed the Foundational PD series? Then Eureka Math TEKS Edition Personalized Coaching might be a good option for you.


Great Minds is the exclusive provider of professional development written and delivered by the creators of Eureka Math. Our team of teacher–writers' high-quality professional development leads to greater student gains and more effective teachers. The two-step plan below integrates both Professional Development (PD) and Personalized Coaching (PC) so all teachers can feel confident with the curriculum.

To map out a tailored professional learning plan that meets your teacher's needs, contact your Account Solutions Manager to map your pathway. 

Access our professional development syllabus and course catalog to view our recommended three-year plan that implements both professional development and personalized coaching.


PD to support new implementers and seasoned users of Eureka Math TEKS Edition.

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Foundational Professional Development

Educators new to Eureka Math TEKS Edition learn through these sessions how to customize the curriculum to meet student needs. Sessions are designed to help teachers and math leaders learn how to implement Eureka Math TEKS Edition with confidence.

Launch Eureka Math TEKS Edition

This is a full day training for new users to implement Eureka Math TEKS Edition successfully. Educators explore the curriculum to understand how the learning design and lessons build a comprehensive and coherent understanding of mathematics. 

Lead Eureka Math TEKS Edition

This full-day training is designed for K–5 district and school leaders. It is a balance of study, experiential learning, analysis, and practice that sets participants up for success in leading implementation of the Eureka Math TEKS Edition curriculum in their classrooms.

Fluency in Action

This full day training is for educators ready to investigate the role of fluency practices, including Sprints, skip-counting, and other counting exercises. Participants' experience, analyze, and practice routines to learn how to use these powerful tools to build and maintain student fluency. 

Preparation and Customization of Eureka Math TEKS Edition Lessons

The purpose of this full-day session is threefold: to empower teachers to discern the decisions inherent in each Eureka Math TEKS Edition lesson, to study the curriculum’s teaching sequences, and to prepare teachers to customize lessons to meet the needs of their students.


Sustaining Professional Development

Seasoned practitioners who have completed the foundational courses can deepen their understanding of the curriculum and strengthen their implementation through this advanced coursework. All three offerings are available as virtual or in-person sessions.

Major Work of the Grade Band

Educators experience the trajectory of learning in a grade band, which reveals the coherence of the curriculum. Participants deepen their understanding of the role of each grade in the grade band and learn strategies for adjusting instruction to meet student needs. Separate sessions focus on Grades K–2 and 3–5. 


Solving Word Problems

Participants learn how to effectively model and teach word problems by using math drawings. The study and practice of solving word problems further reveals the coherence of the curriculum and how this mathematical model supports student learning across the grades. 


Assessing Student Understanding

Participants will describe assessment as an essential tool to inform instruction and facilitate learning. Participants will use assessments to determine students’ current level of understanding, identify where further development may be needed, and make instructional choices based on data from assessments.




Special Focus Professional Development

In addition to our Foundational and Sustaining track of learning, Eureka Math TEKS Edition writers have created new 90 minute* virtual sessions to support educators as they dig deeper into the curriculum. 


*Addressing Unfinished Learning with Eureka Math Equip is a 3 hour virtual session

Equitable Access for Special Populations

This session allows participants to experience how the philosophy, structure, and embedded supports of Eureka Math TEKS Edition facilitate access to grade-level content for special populations, and to learn how to best use these components to meet the needs of all learners.



Exit Ticket to Inform Instruction

In this session, participants will practice a replicable three-step process for using and analyzing Exit Tickets to determine student progress toward mastery of the learning objective for a Eureka Math TEKS Edition lesson. Participants will analyze and use Exit Ticket data to strategically move students so they can plan instruction accordingly.




After attending this session, participants will have a transferable planning process for preparing facilitation of Application Problems, explain how the Read–Draw–Write (RDW) process is transferable and help students make meaning of and solve any word problem, and learn to guide students in using the RDW process to make meaning of and solve problems through effective questioning and making thinking visible.


Addressing Unfinished Learning with Eureka Math Equip

In this three hour virtual session, educators explore how to use pre-module assessments and data-driven remediation recommendations to make instructional choices that will help accelerate learning while keeping students on track with grade-level content.



Assess with Eureka Math TEKS Edition Affirm

Participants will become familiar with the design and overall intent of the Affirm assessment tool, explore the Affirm assessment tool, practice using specific functions and understand how to use Affirm reports to inform instruction.




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