Virtual Open Enrollment for Texas

Virtual Open Enrollment Professional Development TEKS edition consists of live online, facilitator-led sessions that are inspired by the same learning design and goals as our in-person sessions and are similarly tailored to your teachers' needs.

Great Minds - TEKS

Who Should Attend

Virtual Open Enrollment Professional Development is designed for all educators, from those involved in daily classroom instruction to the teams and administrators supporting that instruction. Attendees typically include the following:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Curriculum leads and coaches
  • Special education teachers and interventionists
  • Curriculum directors
  • School or district administrators 



$105 per person for both the full-day and split-day sessions:

  • Launch
  • Lead
  • Fluency in Action
  • Preparation & Customization


$55 per person for:

  • Addressing Unfinished Work with Eureka Math Equip

Eureka Math® TEKS Edition Sessions



This full-day training is designed for new users to implement Eureka Math TEKS Edition successfully. Educators explore the curriculum to understand how the learning design and lessons build a comprehensive and coherent understanding of mathematics.


This full-day training is designed for K–5 district and school leaders. It is a balance of study, experiential learning, analysis, and practice that sets participants up for success in leading implementation of the Eureka Math TEKS Edition curriculum in their classrooms.

Fluency in Action

This full day training is for educators ready to investigate the role of fluency practices, including Sprints, skip-counting, and other counting exercises. Participants' experience, analyze, and practice routines to learn how to use these powerful tools to build and maintain student fluency.

Preparation & Customization

The purpose of this full-day session is threefold: to empower teachers to discern the decisions inherent in each Eureka Math TEKS Edition lesson, to study the curriculum’s teaching sequences, and to prepare teachers to customize lessons to meet the needs of their students.

Addressing Unfinished Work with Equip

Educators explore how to use pre-module assessments and data-driven remediation recommendations to make instructional choices that will help accelerate learning while keeping students on track with grade-level content. Separate sessions will be held to focus on Grades 1–5.

PhD Science® TEKS Edition Sessions


Launch (Split Day)

This session focuses on the curriculum's learning design, approach to knowledge building, and lesson structure. These sessions detail how each module incorporates hands-on investigations, trade books, and fine art in an age-appropriate manner. Prepare to transition to a student-driven classroom with a focus on building lasting knowledge before implementing lessons in the classroom.


In this leader-facing session, PhD Science® Texas administrators will learn more about implementing PhD Science Texas in the classroom.


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